Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Watch out . . .

I'm on a roll! Wow . . I should organize my scrap stuff more often . . it really gets me motivated!

I put these 2 layouts together yesterday (both of my youngest son). These aren't the 7 layouts that I've already got started . . .so I'm just cruising through some photos here!

I love this photo of my son and my dad. I've been looking at it for almost a year now wondering how to best scrap it (it was taken when my parents were here for Joe's birthday last March). I stamped on the twill ribbon with my CTMH Friendship Word Puzzle set . . it says "Fun Times" all along the ribbon. I'm really happy with this layout.


This photo was taken last June . . . and again . . I just LOVE this picture of Joey. His brother accidently (?) hit him in the corner of the eye with the shovel when they were digging in the sandbox. He still has a scar on his eye. Poor buddy . . but sure makes an adorable lo!

It's kind of hard to see the detail, but I used my CTMH Simple Stitches stamp set and stamped stitches all around the border of the page and a couple zig zag stitches on the journaling box.



Diane said...

Those are soooo cute!!! Especially the ouch one,lol!!

Christine David said...

I love the ouch layout. It really catches the eye!