Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beautiful Thailand

I just got back from a 2 week trip to Phuket, Thailand . . . Wow!  Really . . there are no words to describe the country, the people, the culture  . . . it was AMAZING!  My mom, sister and I went over for my brother's wedding.  Here are a handful of photos of some of our adventures:

We only spent one day at the beach - Nai Harn Beach - beautiful!

My sister & I at the Fish Spa - yikes - look at the grip she has on my leg!

We had to take an elephant ride . . . don't have to do it again, but we can say we did it once!

Ellen and I with our cold drinks after the elephant ride:

My brother and Nu during the wedding ceremony - awesome!

My brother with his son and step-daughter - such a beautiful family!

My brother, sister, Mom, Nu and I at the wedding reception - such a great time!!

Bo, Nu and Sam

The sun coming up as we swam in the pool on our first full day in Phuket:

The beach at the gypsy village in Rawai:

Pina Colodas by the pool!

We went up to Big Buddha and were all blessed by the monk - very cool!

Patong - or "Crazy Town" as we called it - wowzer!

Finding our chairs at Nai Harn beach:

Mom, El and I sipping coconut water at a very cool bar on the way to Kata:

It's been raining (really hard) on the Olympic Peninsula the last few days . . . . *sigh* . . . I miss Thailand and my brother.  Can't wait to go back again.

Now I need to get busy and get an album together of my trip . . . I saved everything (currency, receipts, ticket stubs, etc.) and took TONS of pics . . .so I just need to put it all together in an album so I can show everyone what an amazing trip it was!

More later!