Monday, February 25, 2008

Simple Card

This is just a simple card I made last night while I was cleaning up my scrap stuff. I found this last scrap piece of paper so I thought I'd make a quick card rather than just throw it back in my scrap pile!


and . . not only did I whip up a (simple) card, but I also went through lots of photos and put some in my photo album and got 7 . . yes, SEVEN layouts started. By started, I mean I trimmed all my photos, selected paper and cut everything down to size - I just haven't adhered anything yet. I'm getting ready for scrap camp and I thought if I could get a jump on what I want to do I'd get a lot more accomplished! I'm doing pretty good, huh!?!

The time consuming part for me, with layouts, is the embellishing. So I figure I've got 7 layouts ready to glue down and then embellish. That just might take me the whole day and a half of camp to do that. But I'd be thrilled if I got those 7 layouts completed!!! (and then some!)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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