Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blog Candy Time!

I just realized I have hit 1000 visitors to my blog - woo hoo!! LOL! Guess I'd better put some blog candy together. Tune in tomorrow to find out what goodies you can win and how! I know I've got some SU stamp sets and some paper that needs a good home . . . hmmm . .what else?!?!? I'll post photos tomorrow and let you know how you can win!

And THANK YOU for visiting my blog! Everytime I log on and see the visitor number has gone up it keeps me motivated to stay current with my posting and my artwork! So, thank you for keeping me motivated to keep creating! I hope some of my work inspires you.

Good night!


Jane said...

Hey, Jeani.......CONGRATULATIONS on the 1,000 responses to your blog. When you good YOU'RE GOOD! Love all your ideas and keep checking back in.

Jane Elvrum

mrswiz said...

Hey, Jeani-Jeani-bo-beani, it's me! Love that you have music on your blog, so cool! Knocks the other song right outta my head. Wondering how much time it takes to have an up-to-date blog??? Maybe one day I too will grow up and have a blog of my very own... LOL My email address is . Take care and happy bloggin'.

Vicki Wizniuk

Kathe said...

HI Jeani! I love your blog, your classes, and your CTMH products. Keep up the good work!!
Kathe Madsen