Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines cards & a "fancy day"

The boys and I made Valentines last night for my hubby . . . their cards cracked me up . . .
Here's Joe's card to his dad (it says "Let's sniff out awesomeness" on the outside . . and on the inside "I found it! The real awesomeness comes from you!"
 photo 81a9c180-cd15-4e0a-95b5-ef67b8b0adbd.jpg
Love the way he had the dog's head sticking up above the card base . . . . can you can tell he likes to hang out in my scrap room with me? LOL!

Josh's card - he loves camoflauge and hunting - says "Shhhh . . I'm hunting awesomeness. Hey! I have him in my sights." They crack me up!
 photo 1741f800-94b9-4cb2-9ca8-b85949e9ce30.jpg
And here's my card:
 photo 7abcccbc-2e5d-4e33-a553-fe25b806b68d.jpg
Love the Studio Calico male and female wood veneers. . . I lifted my card idea from Steph Washburn (saw her card in the Studio Calico gallery). Here's a close up of the heart . .

 photo 1ac145e1-07ed-4a4c-8791-686db00ba1e0.jpg
I die cut 2 hearts from chipboard and glued them together and then die cut a piece of my That's Amore (CTMH) paper and adhered it to the top of the heart and covered the whole thing in liquid glass.  Then I die cut a smaller heart out of my felt (Papertrey Ink has THE BEST felt - love it!).  I popped up my banner with popups to add just a little more dimension. Fun, huh?!?!

Finally, have to share a little funny from my sweet little Joey . . .

 photo 78ea0756-29d7-43b2-919b-c5c6afb4b599.jpg
 . . . when I dropped him at school the other day, he said . . ."Mom, do you have any meetings today?" I said, "Nope . . not today." Joe replied . . . "Well, then have a fancy day!"  How stinkin' cute is that?!?!?  Love that kid!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Klondike Derby

My oldest son (age 10) just bridged over to Boy Scouts on Monday at the Blue & Gold Dinner . . . here he is getting the last of his Webelos 2 pins before bridging over . . .

 photo f3e2ab63-eba1-44be-a219-165880999eff.jpg

and here he was tonight . . . . . . backpack packed and ready to go on his first camping trip with his new troop . . .

 photo 4f67fb21-c1cc-4dfa-8a52-40e3a2466860.jpg

As we drove through the ranger station up at the Heart O'the Hills Campground we noticed the snow level . . . just above the campsite . .  you can just barely make it out here . . just above the left side of the roof . . .  below the cloud line . . .

 photo 66ab797d-00bf-43a3-a4a3-b14daf4c56f5.jpg

. . . .  it's the Boy Scout Klondike Derby tonight/tomorrow . . . and it is COLD - dropping down to below freezing up on the ridge tonight!  Did you catch the sign in the window of the ranger station . . .

 photo e4952b8c-8adb-401e-99e5-4f68629c552a.jpg

. . . hmmm . . . I don't remember seeing that BEFORE I signed the release form!  The road was closed up to the ridge because of the avalanche danger.  No fear . . the campground the boys are camping at is about 50 feet beyond the ranger station . . . Hurricane Ridge is another 15 miles or so up the mountain.  No avalanches down where they are (I hope)!

I left after they got their camp set up . . . one of the boys was already making hot cocoa for all of them . . .

 photo 4047b335-6814-4f9e-9568-b81e2252fb8d.jpg

I'm sure they are having a blast with the other 80 scouts that are up there . . . and I'll think of him when I'm sleeping in my nice, warm, cozy bed tonight.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

New use for old supplies

I have had this set of rub ons for . . . . at least 4 years.

 photo 41da666f-2b60-428e-bc24-079c80d58d48.jpg

I had used only a couple of the rub ons and just didn't see myself using the rest . . . but I hate to throw things away.  Project Life to the rescue!  I grabbed a few of my grid PL journaling cards and some die cut shapes and . . . voila . . .

 photo 0f450278-6d70-4adc-ab39-e8cf10821a96.jpg

. . . now I have a handful of cute embellishments that I will actually use!  I'm still not sure what I'll do with the last 2 girly rub-ons, but I'll try to think of something!  Can't wait to get these "new" goodies in my PL book!

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