Friday, February 15, 2008

For Cheryl . . .

Ok . . here are 5 cards I've done over the past couple of days. I'm into "spring" mode now . . .

Card 1: Playful Petals, Thoughtful Scripts (cased this one from Lisa Stenz!)

Card 2: March Word Puzzle

Card 3: Good Times Lv. 2 paper, Thing of Beauty, From Me To You

Card 4: March Word Puzzle, Thoughtful Scripts

Card 5: Kindred Spirits, Thing of Beauty

1 comment:

lisascreativecorner said...

I am just loving your cards!! I would like to take credit for the tulip card, but I actually cased it from Carolyn Hulin. I think I may have to case a few of your others. They are great!

I was trying to avoid getting all of the word puzzles, but I think you have convinced me to get the March one now! *Ü*