Saturday, March 29, 2008

2 MORE DAYS . . . !!!

until I get my shipment of new CTMH Summer Idea Books! I can hardly contain my excitement. I've seen a sneak peak of some of the SOTM and they are so stinkin' cute!!!

Stay tuned because I'll be playing with my new SOTM next week and will be posting some of my work here!

If you'd like to order a Summer Idea Book, please email me!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sympathy Card and some cute bags!

I made this card using CTMH's Paper Garden Lv. 2 paper pack and cardstock. Used an old sympathy stamp from SU, some Prima flowers, and some beautiful Basic Grey ribbon I had stashed away!! I really like this card.


And then, had to take this photo for a class I'm doing and thought I'd post it here too, I made the little tote just a couple of weeks ago off of Melanie's tutorial and the little blue bag several months ago. They are just too cute, aren't they?!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thanks, April!

Look at the goodies I received in the mail from April for coming in 2nd on her scrap scavenger hunt (sorry, I tried to rotate the photo, but it didn't work!):


I can't wait to start playing with my new stuff!! Thanks again, April!! :-)

And I had to get the Making Memories journaling paper that April so kindly linked us to on her blog . . . I loved the cards she had made with this paper. Here's the journaling paper:


and here's my first card with the journaling paper. I used my QK dragonfly and stamped a simple sentiment on the front of the card . . . I put Liquid Glass and Prisma Glitter on the dragonfly's wings and turned them up a bit so they aren't lying flat on the paper, they are raised up a bit. I really like the way this (SO SIMPLE) turned out, except that some blue ink was on my desk from inking some flowers (clean up as you go, Jeani!!!) and I accidently set my paper on it - arghhh! Oh well . . .

Too fun!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

CTMH Labor of Love Booklet

Because I received such a HUGE response to these books . . I am making them available on my blog for anyone to order.

I have not included photos of all the pages, however, you get the idea . . . there is a page for each color family and several more pages for embellishments, stamp sets, paper packs, etc.




Prices are as follows:

$5.00 for a completed book (minus the decorated cover and ribbon) I will hole punch for you so you can decorate and complete as you wish.

$10.00 for a completed book (minus the decorated cover and ribbon) and a hard copy of the master.

I only ask that you give credit where credit is due and give me the credit for the creation!

Please email me directly if you would like to purchase a copy. Thank you for all your wonderful compliments and support of my creativity! :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A couple new cards

Here are a couple of cards I made today . . .mostly CTMH . . . :-)

I kinda smudged the stitch along the side, but was running late this morning so I couldn't redo it . . . oh well! I distressed the textured cs with bamboo ink and then sanded it to distress it further . . .so I thought the messed up stitch line just kinda went along with the "distressed look"!!
CTMH :Caprice paper pack, club connections rub-ons, Simple Stitches and Playful Flourishes stamp sets.
Non-CMTH: ribbon

I actually did this one last night. Used CTMH silhouette paper, orchid bouquet cs and Celebrate Life stamp set. I used various colors of stickles on the butterfly and then put pop-ups underneath it so it stands out on the card.

How I spent my weekend . . .

Sorry I haven't been on all weekend . . . I had a crazy weekend! My CTMH hostess club met Saturday morning at 10 am (until about 1pm) and then my youngest son's birthday party started at 2pm (that same day!).

One hour before the party started, just as my last club members were leaving . . . I found Joe (birthday boy) playing in the front yard . . . in his birthday clothes . . . with GREEN PAINT all over him!


Of course, I immediately whisked him up to his room and took pictures (LOL!!!) and then changed him, washed his face and continued to SCRAMBLE to get ready for the next onslaught of guests!

AND THEN . . . . just 20 minutes later . . . now about 30 minutes before guests are to be arriving . . . the birthday boy was playing outside and we heard him crying . . . .he had fallen out of the apple tree and landed (on his FACE!) on the brick path below . . .


Here's the CLEAN (Spiderman) birthday boy . . . (with a scratched nose) posing with Mom (me) at the party!


Oh, yeah . . . I forgot (LOL!) to mention that 2 days before the party (Thursday) Joe woke up with PINK EYE!


I had to get him into the Dr. immediately so he could get on antibiotic eye drops in enough time before the party so he didn't give that special gift to his party guests!


Ahhhh . . . we made it through the party, the pink eye, the paint, the fall from the apple tree . . . time to celebrate . . .

Sunday morning, we took the kids (my boys and their cousin) down to the beach so they could enjoy the beautiful day . . . all mishaps of the previous day now just a memory (except for the scratched nose!!) . . .





What did you do last weekend? LOL!

Friday, March 14, 2008

3 new cards

Here are a few cards I've made in the last day. One of them was cased from Vicki Wizniuk (a fellow CTMH consultant) and the other two were created using SCS sketches (tweeked just a little). Sure makes it easy when you use those SCS sketches . . .lol :-)

Here's one using all CTMH (except the polka dot ribbon). My first creation using our new Big Blooms . . .


Here's the one cased from Vicki . . . I used my Quickutz purse die for this one and Caprice papers (CTMH):


And, finally . . . another cutie using Caprice and CTMH's Thing of Beauty stamp set. I just think these 2 go together so well . . .


He's here to save the galaxy . . .

ok . . . maybe just our yard . . . lol . . . this is my sweet little Buzz Lightyear (aka Joey). I had to take this photo the other night because he looked so cute and because his older brother used to wear this costume. I can guarantee you when Joe's through with it, there won't be anything left. I'll photo his Spiderman costume (also a hand-me-down from bubba) later today and show you what I mean!

Tim Allen was never this cute!


P.S. Every superhero needs a cape, don't ya know? Whether he's Spiderman, Buzz, Batman (who actually does wear a cape!) Joe always has to wear a cape! Too sweet!

1st Piano Recital

My son just did his first piano recital and he looked so stinkin' cute I just had to share a photo. The color in the photo is kinda yellowy . . but isn't he handsome?!?! :-)


Game off . . .

for lack of interest. Bummer . . . it really is fun. I know some of you have said that you don't think you know the names of companies well enough to play, but it's just a game. Doesn't have to be so serious . . it is really fun! Maybe I should have let a little more time go between games. Oh, well. Maybe I'll try again later. Sorry for those of you that wanted to play. Maybe I should have asked you to put a link on your blogs to this hunt . . . . maybe I just don't have enough hits on my blog right now to do it?!? If I get enough people that mention the hunt and tell me their interested, then I'll go ahead with it . . . we'll see!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SCRAP SCAVENGER HUNT . . . anyone game?

Ok . . April's scavenger hunt was so fun that I thought I had to try one. Since this is my first game, I think I'm going to go with April's rules (Thanks, April!!) and see if I can pull it off as well as she did (not likely!). So, here we go . . .

* I will post a total of 10 pictures of a scrap/stamp supply or tool and you need to tell me (through email so the others don't know) the company that makes it as well as either the line it's from or the exact name of the object. I promise to post items that are new and/or current items . . nothing old that you wouldn't be able to search for on the internet!

* You have to go in order and only guess one picture at a time. Once you've guessed #1 correctly (as confirmed by email from me) you can guess #2, but you can't guess #3 until you have #1 and #2 correct. You can't guess them all at once either, you must only do one at a time. I'm going to try to make them progressively harder as we go along.

* The first person to guess them all correctly will be the winner!! I'm putting together a fun variety of scrapbooking products (paper, brads, flowers, ribbon, etc.) for the winner! And, as in April's hunt, if there is a VERY CLOSE runner-up . . . you'll get a treat too!

* Remember you must email me with your answer - DO NOT POST YOUR GUESS HERE! I will dissable comments so no one gives any answers away!

I'll post pictures randomly throughout the day, depending on how quickly people are guessing (you'll need to keep checking because I could be posting once a day, once an hour or sometimes just minutes apart).

I'm going to limit the game to the first 10 people to post a comment to this blog entry. So, who's with me???

If you haven't played this before IT IS SO FUN!!! A little exhausting, but FUN! You are guaranteed to have a good time and maybe even learn of some new products along the way!

All is well . . .

thank goodness! I finally got my photos edited in photobucket - just had to upgrade my Flash Player! Yaayy! So here we go . . .these are a bunch of cards I made last night:

I used my scraps from making Melanie's tote to create this card. I just looked at all those cute circles and knew I had to do something with them!


This was a simple (masculine?!) card using a beautiful piece of Bohemia paper. The paper is so pretty I just didn't want to mess it up with too much "stuff"!


Scraplifted this card idea from my LSS. I just had to get the cute little quickutz birds they had on their card:


Another one using that cute little bird and a piece of embossed paper from Michael's. I have a feeling you'll be seeing more of the birds! And . . OOPS . . . (although that's not exactly what I said when I did it - LOL!!) . . . right after I finished my card, I stood it up on my desk and it fell forward RIGHT ONTO THE OPEN INK PAD!!! Notice the little smudge on the "Hello" . . . I was sooooo bummed. . . so my mom is picking up some more of this embossed paper for me (Thanks, Mom!) . . .


And, finally, here is just a simple card. Again, I liked the paper so I didn't do too much with the "details" . . .


Spin off . . .

from an extremely fun (but exhausting!!) scavenger hunt over on April's blog . I thought I would attempt a smaller version of her scavenger hunt. Tune in later today for details!

Arggghhhhh . . .

I've been trying to resize some photos in Photobucket this morning and my computer keeps giving me an error!!! I'm hoping it's just a temporary problem with Photobucket. I made 5 cards last night after about a 2 week dry spell and I was hoping to post them here this morning! Argghhh!

Please check back later this afternoon and I will keep trying to get them resized and posted here.

Monday, March 10, 2008

One more from camp . . .

Here is another layout I did at camp a couple of weekends ago . . . I used CTMH's It's a Guy Thing paper pack.

This is about the 3rd layout I've done about our camping at this cabin in Montana! I take so many photos . . . and we've been to this cabin about 4 times . . . the photos are so much fun and bring back such great memories . . . I have to try to get as many on a layout as possible!!




Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sharing Dad's Catch

I love this layout . . . I love these pictures . . . this is such a common occurance at our house! Everytime my husband brings home his catch (trout, steelhead, salmon, crab . . whatever) the boys have to run out there and check it out and get their picture taken! This is also one of my "mostest favoritist" CTMH paper pack (Rustic Trails) . . . I used up just about the last of it with this layout . . .ordering more next week!




Thursday, March 6, 2008

Melanie's Blog Candy . . .

Check out Melanie's Blog Candy Giveaway at Hands, Head and Heart ( for a chance to win a free stamp set DESIGNED by her . . . isn't that too cool! I can't wait to see it. Or you can check it out at Gina K. Designs (to be released March 10, 2008).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Single Page Layouts

My blog friend, Kris, asked me a question about my single page layouts so I thought I would post my response here for everyone to see, just in case anyone else wonders about this.

It's funny, Kris, because my friend Jody said the same thing at camp last weekend. She said she always feels like she has to do 2 page layouts so they "look right" in the album. But sometimes I only have 1-2 photos that I want to scrap and I can't drag them out to 2 pages. When Jody looked through my album she said they looked great and you really don't even notice the single page layouts, they just fit right in.

I guess I've never really given to much thought as to what my overall album looks like . . . I just scrap photos and events that mean something to me and if it's one page it is and if it's 2 pages then so be it! I think once you start looking through a scrapbook, it's the content of the page(s) that catch your eye, not necessarily that 2 facing pages are different.

Another thing . . and I hope I'm not alone in this . . .(LOL!), but I am soooo RANDOM about my scrapbooking! Jody is sooooo organized! She has done her 1st son's whole year, doing a page (or more depending on the number of photos she has) for each month (one month old, two months old, etc.).

I am a total random scrapper! You can see what I did at camp last weekend . . . some camping layouts, breakfast layout, dress-up layout, fishing layout, first haircut layout, blah blah blah . . .

There is no rhyme or reason to my photos/layouts . . . they are not chronological at all. In fact, I think I tend to scrap the most recent events first and the more distant events last. Too bad . . because sometimes I forget stuff if it was too long ago!

Both of my boys have photo albums of their first year. . . maybe someday I'll got back and pull out my favorites and scrap them in some organized manner . . . or not!

Is this just me . . . or is anyone with me on this? Are you a random scrapper or a chronological scrapper?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Some camp layouts

Well, I only got 3 photos taken before my batteries died on my camera . . so here they are, and I'll take the rest tomorrow after I get new batteries!

Playtime at Elk's Playfield (CTMH cs, ink and alphabets, Jolee's stickers, chipboard from Joanne's):


Fish-on (all CTMH except the little saying card that I got at our lss):


Joe's 1st ice cream (LOVE this one!!!) All CTMH except the ice cream cone that a friend gave me at camp this weekend :


This is the first time I've used the CTMH library pockets (for my journaling) . . .LOVE THEM!

One of the ladies at camp had a GREAT sketch book by Becky Higgins . . have you seen this book?!? Jody and I kidnapped this book for most of the weekend . . . some great sketches for layouts! Most of my layouts from this weekend came out of that book . . a couple came out of Cherish and/or Imagine (CTMH).

That's it until I get new batteries in my camera! Enjoy . . .


What a great time we had at scrap camp! I got 14 scrapbook pages done!!! I think that's more than I did all last year put together! I'm pretty pleased. Here are a couple of photos from Camp . . . . .

Here's a shot of our end of the lodge:


and this is me and my friend, Jody scrappin' away!


Ok . . .I'm off to take photos of the layouts I finished. I'll post them in a few minutes!