Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Single Page Layouts

My blog friend, Kris, asked me a question about my single page layouts so I thought I would post my response here for everyone to see, just in case anyone else wonders about this.

It's funny, Kris, because my friend Jody said the same thing at camp last weekend. She said she always feels like she has to do 2 page layouts so they "look right" in the album. But sometimes I only have 1-2 photos that I want to scrap and I can't drag them out to 2 pages. When Jody looked through my album she said they looked great and you really don't even notice the single page layouts, they just fit right in.

I guess I've never really given to much thought as to what my overall album looks like . . . I just scrap photos and events that mean something to me and if it's one page it is and if it's 2 pages then so be it! I think once you start looking through a scrapbook, it's the content of the page(s) that catch your eye, not necessarily that 2 facing pages are different.

Another thing . . and I hope I'm not alone in this . . .(LOL!), but I am soooo RANDOM about my scrapbooking! Jody is sooooo organized! She has done her 1st son's whole year, doing a page (or more depending on the number of photos she has) for each month (one month old, two months old, etc.).

I am a total random scrapper! You can see what I did at camp last weekend . . . some camping layouts, breakfast layout, dress-up layout, fishing layout, first haircut layout, blah blah blah . . .

There is no rhyme or reason to my photos/layouts . . . they are not chronological at all. In fact, I think I tend to scrap the most recent events first and the more distant events last. Too bad . . because sometimes I forget stuff if it was too long ago!

Both of my boys have photo albums of their first year. . . maybe someday I'll got back and pull out my favorites and scrap them in some organized manner . . . or not!

Is this just me . . . or is anyone with me on this? Are you a random scrapper or a chronological scrapper?

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