Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SCRAP SCAVENGER HUNT . . . anyone game?

Ok . . April's scavenger hunt was so fun that I thought I had to try one. Since this is my first game, I think I'm going to go with April's rules (Thanks, April!!) and see if I can pull it off as well as she did (not likely!). So, here we go . . .

* I will post a total of 10 pictures of a scrap/stamp supply or tool and you need to tell me (through email so the others don't know) the company that makes it as well as either the line it's from or the exact name of the object. I promise to post items that are new and/or current items . . nothing old that you wouldn't be able to search for on the internet!

* You have to go in order and only guess one picture at a time. Once you've guessed #1 correctly (as confirmed by email from me) you can guess #2, but you can't guess #3 until you have #1 and #2 correct. You can't guess them all at once either, you must only do one at a time. I'm going to try to make them progressively harder as we go along.

* The first person to guess them all correctly will be the winner!! I'm putting together a fun variety of scrapbooking products (paper, brads, flowers, ribbon, etc.) for the winner! And, as in April's hunt, if there is a VERY CLOSE runner-up . . . you'll get a treat too!

* Remember you must email me with your answer - DO NOT POST YOUR GUESS HERE! I will dissable comments so no one gives any answers away!

I'll post pictures randomly throughout the day, depending on how quickly people are guessing (you'll need to keep checking because I could be posting once a day, once an hour or sometimes just minutes apart).

I'm going to limit the game to the first 10 people to post a comment to this blog entry. So, who's with me???

If you haven't played this before IT IS SO FUN!!! A little exhausting, but FUN! You are guaranteed to have a good time and maybe even learn of some new products along the way!


My Favorite Memory said...

I'm with you! I can't wait! Talk about fun!!!!

April said...

I am definitely in, it'll be fun to be on the hunting end this time!!!

Debby Winters said...

Count me in!!! April's looked like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to give this a shot!

Christine David said...

I'll play :)