Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sanela TAGGED me!!

Isn't this fun! I've been tagged and nominated for an award in the past 2 weeks! Wow!

Well, thank you, Sanela! Sweet Sanela . . . she just moved to Indiana and is probably still in the process of unpacking and yet she found time to sit down at her blog (which you've got to check out) and tag me (along with some other great bloggers)!

So, the rules for the FACTS TAG are fairly simple . . . you've got to reveal 7 facts (random, funny, weird, etc. facts) about yourself and then tag 7 other people (with links to their blogs) and then post a note on their blog that they've been tagged! Ok . . easy enough . . . let's see . . . now the facts . . .

1) I despise onions but love onion rings (my husband thinks this is bizarre).

2) I like to stay up late and sleep in (which doesn't always mesh with my kids' schedules - bummer!)

3) I recently sold my business that I started (from nothing) almost 6 years ago!

4) I had a miscarriage between the births of my 2 boys . . . and we thought I miscarried my second son, but when we went to the emergency room his heart beat was strong! That's my sweet Joey!

5) My husband and I were best friends for 10 years before we got "together" and married.

6) I take as HOT of a shower as I can possibly stand - but short . . I'm in and out within 8 minutes. But it's so relaxing!

7) I was invited to "stamping parties" when I worked at our local high school and thought "how weird, I'm not interested in that!" I got into stamping about a year later and became a Close To My Heart consultant in Feb. 2007. Isn't life funny?!?!

Ok . . .that's my 7 facts. So, here are my 7 tags: Marjorie, Nicole, Aaron, Angie, Jennifer, Hilary, Kim

Some of these tags are blogs I've just discoverd and others are some of my favorites . . . all of them are GREAT so I had to share them! You really should check them out!

Thanks again, Sanela!


Hilary Kanwischer said...

Well hey there Jeani...aren't you just the sweetest thing to post such a beautiful comment on my blog. I just had to pop on over here. Thanks so much for tagging me and I really will get right on that tomorrow...(I'm on my way to bed right now). Plus, I need to think of 7 random things about myself. :) Thanks again for taggin and for the sweet comments. :) Have a great night. :)

Angie Tieman said...

Thank you for the tag!! What a nice surprise!! =)

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Love your facts - thanks for the tag! What a fun surprise. I posted mine too. I swore I already left you a comment about it - but that's just my mind taking a little side trip I guess. ;-)