Thursday, August 30, 2007

Daily Card Challenge - "Balance" & "Strong"

Well, I'm a little behind . . . "Balance" was from Day 8. But I got up a couple hours before the kids this morning so I had a chance to do a couple of cards ~ yeeahhhh!

My thoughts on BALANCE: It seems I always have so many things going on at once . . . with the kids, school activities, swimming, CTMH gatherings, workshops, teaching card classes, trying to keep up my garden (mostly veggies - I only plant perennials now so I just have to upkeep them!), being a wife, mother, my job (I own my own children's and maternity shop ~ new & used~ and take my kids to work with me!), trying to enjoy off time - vacations, camping . . . always trying to squeeze everything in. And then I think I can do all of these custom crafty things like making personalized baby announcements to order, creating new items to sell at my shop, etc. I just don't know when to quit - whew! Oh yeah, and then there's housework . . hmmm . . always forget that one!

So, trying to balance everything and not neglect anything is sometimes difficult. From time to time, I have to remind myself of what the most important things are (my family) and let everything else go. But I love creating things and trying to come up with unique, sellable ideas for my business. It's an ongoing balance act . . . hence my card . . ;-)

Something I realized when I looked at my card after I created it, was the playfulness of the design - the teeter-totter, sunshine, grass - it all emits FUN and RELAX!!! So that must be where my resting place is . . my comfort zone . . .playing with my kids and husband, in our yard, enjoying the good times and letting everything else go, if only just for little bits at a time! We all NEED that!

(P.S. Thanks to Allison for helping me to solve the "blurriness" problem with my photo taking!!)

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The word for Day 7 was "Strong."

I immediately thought of my husband. He emits strength . . not only physicial, but he is my strength. He is the one that keeps me grounded when my head gets in the clouds. He lets me enjoy my crafts even though it is sometimes stressful for him. He works 2 jobs - for the State as a day job and as a self-employed building contractor on the weekends. So he works 40 hours+ for the State and then numerous hours on evenings and weekends doing construction jobs.

He is always the one to say . . ."let's go camping!" or "let's go on a picnic!" He is always finding things for our family to do that keep us strong together.

He also emits physical strength - he was a commercial fisherman for years - you should see his hands . . .they're HUGE! Our youngest son is going to be built just like his daddy!

I tried to keep the card simple because that is him. He really is a simple man. I think he would approve of this card, even though he always just smiles and says nothing when I show him my work!

The 4 brads on the corners of the card represent our family (my husband, our 2 sons and myself) and the cord ties us all together. The brads and cord also have an analogy (anchor & rope) to his fishing days. He still loves to fish and hunt, although he doesn't get the time to enjoy it like he used to. I try to encourage him to take some time to do what he enjoys to do, but his main focus is our family and keeping us safe and comfortable. And isn't he GORGEOUS!!

He is, and will always be, my strength and my soulmate!

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