Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Will I EVER catch up?

Yes . . it's me . . posting without a photo - aaahhhhh! We went camping for 3 days last weekend and I came home to be 4-5 daily cards behind. I still haven't caught up. Haven't even had a chance to sit down and play! Tomorrow is my day to post at least 1 and maybe more of the cards I've missed.

I love thinking about and creating the cards, so even though I'm feeling really behind, I still want to go back and do the ones I've missed. I want to have the complete set of 52 when I'm done and have fun remembering all the things that made me scrap my daily card in the first place . . .so keep your fingers crossed . . hopefully they'll be a new post here tomorrow! Goodnight . . .

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kbradseth said...


This is a hard thing, isn't it? I have more or less kept up with the cards, but I've been a little obsessed about crafting/creating lately. I feel like I am neglecting my kids, my house, my husband. It's not healthy. So, give yourself a break and just feel good when you do a card. Maybe you could journal some thoughts about each prompt in separate blog entries and then, as you have time, create cards to suit them. It's hard to remember that this is about "discovery" if we are wrapped up in the production.

O.K. ...I'm going to work on being a better parent...it's the Children's Museum for us today. (I can't scrapbook there!)