Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Week Down . . .

Whew . . . boy this back to school stuff is wearing me out! Listen to me . . .ha ha ha ha . . . you see we're not used to getting up early. I don't have to be to work until 11a.m. so rising at 6:30-7a.m. is something I haven't had to do since my second son was born - going on 3 years ago!!!

But we've almost made it through the first week. I have managed in the last couple of weeks to get some layouts done though . . that is a huge accomplishment for me. I've had so much fun using my Cherish book (Close To My Heart). It sure makes getting caught up on photos quick and easy! I'll post some photos tomorrow (my day off!).

Hope all my readers have had a good first week back to school with their kids. We've almost got it down to a routine now! Another week and we'll be set . . maybe I could do one of those Our Routine layouts . . . that would be fun to look back on in 10 years!! LOL . .

More tomorrow!

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