Thursday, January 19, 2012

Captain Josh

It's fun to do layouts from pictures that are several years old . . . takes me back to when my kids were really little . . . this layout is a perfect example. I've always loved these photos of my oldest son, Josh. I took them when he was 2 years old . . we were camping out at SilverKing Resort . . . which is no longer open to the public for camping (we missed out on our opportunity to buy a camping spot when they went up for sale to the public - dang!).

Jim let Josh drive the boat and Josh looked right at home at the helm! So cute . . love the lip in the middle photo!

Left page:

Right page:

I've got other layouts I've done lately that I'll get uploaded so I can post tomorrow. We're on our 3rd snow day now . . . and it's snowing like crazy outside as I post here, so we may be looking at having an entire week off due to snow! Wow!

Enjoy your day!

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