Thursday, May 29, 2008

Major slump

Father's Day is quickly approaching and I am in a MAJOR SLUMP!!! I made up these cards for an upcoming class I'm teaching at our LSS . . . but, boy, I sure do not feel like I'm in the groove lately! Ugh!



I'm going to clean up my scrapbook room and see if I can find some motivation in there! Wish me luck!


Diane said...

Hey girl!!! Those are great! Love the tie one,it's so much fun!
Sending you motivation vibes(((*)))

Maricar said...

That tie one is cute.
Ugh. I, too, hate it when the creative juices just aren't flowing easily! Here's hoping the creative muses are on your side!

Jena said...

These cards are great - I always love what you do - I don't think you could be in a slump! TFS!

Jenn said...

Great father's day cards!!! I love the tie one!!! :D