Friday, May 2, 2008

I finally figured it out . . .

now you can enter your email address (just to the right of this post) and you will receive automatic updates via email when I post something new on my blog! Yaayyyy!

I know a lot of you check out lots of different blogs and it's hard to remember where you've been. So, hopefully this will help to keep us in touch and keep you updated on my blog!

This way you will also be immediately notified when I'm giving away BLOG CANDY!!! So sign up now and keep coming back! Thanks for looking :-)


Sandra T. said...

Hi Jeani! Great blog...
Sandra Tejeda
CTMH sister

Chelle! said...

HI!! I was just on the CTMH website and LOVED your Play Ball layout!!! So, I had to drop by your blog and see your fabulous artwork!!! They are amazing!!! You should post more often on the website!
CTMH sister

Heather Collins said...

Hi! I just became a CTMH consultant in VA. I love this site, how do you create it, etc?? Please if you don't mind contact me: