Sunday, September 9, 2007

Recent Layouts - I've been busy!!

I'm feeling really good about getting some layouts done recently. I've done a couple of double page layouts and a couple of single page layouts. The double page layouts and the Play one with my son and a neighbor girl were all taken from Cherish and modified slightly. Enjoy!!!

This double page layout was of Mother's Day this year. My husband and our 2 boys took my mother, my mother in law and myself out to dinner. We took photos on our back porch before we left for dinner. The hanging flowers were mother's day gifts for all 3 of us moms!!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This layout was just plain fun . . . my boys are always dressing up and they looked so cute when they were both dressed up like Spiderman. I had been waiting and waiting to get just the right stuff for this layout. I really like how it turned out!!

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I just did this layout today. My son plays with this neighbor girl everyday. I realized after I got it done that I really need to journal on this one, because it was so funny. They had been squirting each other with the hose until they were COMPLETELY SOAKED. Then, they got on the swing and just kept on playing, totally unconcerned that they were soaked and chilled to the bone! So, I need to find a spot to do a little journaling, but otherwise here it is . . .


My son is bugging me to get off the computer so he can play some computer games . . so I'd better let him have some time on the computer. I'll post the other layouts later this evening!!

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