Thursday, April 12, 2012

PROJECT LIFE - Weeks 1 thru 4

I didn't want to unload all of my pages on you at once, so I'm just posting 4 weeks at a time for now . . . until I've caught you up . . . and then I'll post week by week . . . assuming I stay caught up!

Here are weeks 1 and 2 . . . as I mentioned in an earlier post, the thing that ended up working best for me and that helps me to keep my PL doable every week, is to only do 1 page per week. If I happen to have more happenings (more photos, journaling, etc.) than I will go to 1 1/2 or 2 pages per week . . it just depends on the week. I like the flexibility that allows me . . . giving myself permission to slack now and then is a good thing!

Here is Week 1 only (sorry for the terrible photo - I'm working on this!):

Here is week 2:

Weeks 3 and 4:

I'm really working on more embellishments and fun stuff in my PL . . you'll see that in some of my more recent stuff. I'll post the next 4 weeks tomorrow with some close ups.

Thanks for stopping by. . . Enjoy your day!

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