Friday, August 15, 2008

Fair Time

Sorry I haven't been posting anything lately . . . I've been busy getting ready for our County Fair, which started on Thursday. I was demoing CTMH stuff and I was going crazy getting stuff ready for that. Plus I started my new job on Monday and the whole shift in dealing with daycare and shuttling the kids has taken it's toll!

It's been a great week though! I'm really enjoying my new job as the Assistant Superintendent's secretary at our local school district. I'm only half time so my day goes by really fast and I barely feel like I get anything accomplished when I leave . . . just makes me work twice as hard is what it does!

Anyway, all of my scrapbooking stuff is still out at the fair because I have to work again tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to play around with my new stamps and get some stuff posted next week!

For anyone interested in our little Clallam County Fair, here's the link We stayed at the fair until it closed last night (the kids were getting pretty pooped) but the band was so good! It was Randy Linder . . he plays Credence Clearwater Revival songs and he was REALLY GOOD! You can check him out under entertainment on the fair website above. The kids got their full share of cotton candy, games, snowcones, rides and corndogs. We also got our annual photo taken (a $5 black and white photo on an extra large button)! It is our favorite thing to do and we have buttons for the past 5 years. It's so fun to look back at the buttons and see how the boys have grown. The first one we had taken was before Joe was born. One of our funny family traditions . . our annual FAMILY PHOTO at the FAIR!

Have a great weekend and hope you get a chance to enjoy a local fair in your area . . .they really are the best!

:-) jeani

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Barbara said...

Hi Jeani....Sounds like you have your plate full....and enjoying every minute.
Our local fair is here at the end of October....and like you & your family, we also do a "family"
We started doing that back in 1979 and have done it every year. We put our photo on a cloth calendar and it's always fun to look back at them.... And now our adult children STILL do it!!
Gotta love those little traditions. :-)
Barb in SC
I love your blog.